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Improving the quality of life for people living with rare and severe medical conditions through personalized, ongoing direct support

Remembering Erin:
Our Own True Medical SuperHero

Recently, our Courageous Faces family had unbelievable heartache when one of our own, Erin McDowell, unexpectedly passed away. Read about her amazing life & impact by visiting the Erin McDowell’s tribute page.

The Million Dollar Man

Meet Reggie, the Million Dollar Man

Reggie used to spend hours hand sewing his pant leg together just to get dressed each day due to a rare and severe medical condition called neurofibromatosis. That all changed after the Courageous Faces Foundation reached out to master tailor Alan Rouleau who made an entire wardrobe for Reggie, including a luxury suit. The Courageous Faces Foundation also ordered boots for Reggie from the Village Shoe Shop in Houston who spent 3 months engineering and constructing custom boots to fit Reggie’s extremely enlarged left leg and foot.  He now feels like the Million Dollar Man.

When your appearance is as different as Reggie’s, it’s easy to withdraw from society and not want to be out in public. Reggie’s severe case of neurofibromatosis (NF) caused large tumors on his face and left leg. For the first 40-years of his life, understandably Reggie stayed safe within his home and neighborhood avoiding people and their stares and comments. With his new wardrobe and confidence, Reggie can get up and get dressed each day like anyone else. He is committed to no longer hiding from people and determined to help others learn more about people with differences and how to treat them. The more Reggie puts himself out there, the more positive responses he has received from others. Now, rather than sitting in his house wondering what life was like, he has started living it, speaking at major Houston events and in multiple states. With the foundation’s help, Reggie now lets his courageous and joyous personality shine through everywhere he goes. Recently, Reggie reconnected with former SNL actor and comedian, Kevin Nealon (whom Reggie had met two years earlier), who provided a special table for him, his family, and two Courageous Faces Foundation staff members at Nealon’s show in Houston at the Improv. There’s nowhere Reggie won’t go. And everywhere he goes, he makes new friends and spreads the word about NF and other rare & severe medical conditions. He says he’s thankful for the Courageous Faces Foundation because “…nobody’s consistently accepted and cared for me like the people at the Foundation.”

Champions of the Foundation


Aidan’s entire life has changed and his world has been greatly enriched and expanded through his parents love and determination to help him reach his greatest potential. Courageous Faces Foundation is there to support them.


Showcasing the inner and outer beauty of Champions of the Foundation, Hannah and Maddie demonstrate the care and expertise of long-time supporter, Kait Thomas, owner of “Styled by Kait”. Her donation of time and talents helped build a portfolio for their speaking and modeling appearances. Kait calls helping the people of the Courageous Faces Foundation “one of my career highlights that delivers as much satisfaction for me as it does for them”.

Champion of the Foundation, Johnny Quinn’s Instagram post captures the attention of Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds once again proved that he’s a good human being and that playing a superhero can inspire fans to do great things and to live better lives. The actor is getting praise all over the internet for his wholesome response to burn victim Jadiant’s inspirational Instagram post.



Smiles Abound! Cassidy is often found sparkling as much as her clothes and accessories! She brings great joy to everyone around her and continues to embrace her differences with positivity and energy…

Smiles Abound! Cassidy is often found sparkling as much as her clothes and accessories! She brings great joy to everyone around her and continues to embrace her differences with positivity and energy…



“If he can, then we can. And we will” The motto that keeps Dom and his family positive, hopeful and thriving through many medical challenges. His “Go for It” attitude is inspiring and has been the reason he has made such great strides in his young life…



Happy, determined and fashion focused, Glory takes pride in her advocacy work for Little People. She is proud to be a college graduate and enthusiastic employee at Disney’s 90th year celebration!



When looking at Hannah today, one would never know of the pain she has endured on her journey through TENS after suffering a severe reaction to an antibiotic. Her story is extremely unique and impactful. Hannah is an amazing young lady who wants her story to empower others to live life to the fullest!!



Johnny embraces his scars with pride and enthusiasm for life! At the age of 4, doctors told him he wasn’t supposed to live more than a few hours when he survived a horrific fire burning him over 96% of his body. Johnny says his deepest scars are to his heart and soul from cruel and thoughtless people who make comments. Johnny is proud to say he is a thrivor not just a survivor!



A dynamic young man who embraces who he is and creates opportunities from previous challenges. He is an aspiring singer /songwriter and continues to use his modeling talents through Adidas, Nike, Bathing Ape and others both nationally and internationally!



“Different Abilities” rather than Disabilities is how Maddie lives life. She has a great attitude and is proud to promote her love of Disney. Her optimism and strong desire to model and act is certainly attainable. Currently enrolled in college, she hopes to obtain her degree in sociology. YOU GO GIRL!



Maria is at her best when serving others and sharing her compassion, kindness and acceptance of people with differences. She appreciates and values when people look beyond her physical appearance and sees her beauty within.



Mark sees life through a different lens, a camera lens. His passion for photography and shooting wildlife is exceptional. He would like others to see him through a different lens, get beyond his visible difference and see and know him as an extraordinary young man.



What do you get when you combine joy, courage, baker and caring personality? Reggie! He enjoys making new friends while out and about in Houston and sharing his story about Neurofibromatosis. He enjoys comedy and is a friend and big fan of Kevin Nealon. Reggie has a great sense of humor to share with everyone he meets.



Sammi is a beautiful young girl who is admired by all who meet her and constantly inspires her family with her strength. She knows what it feels like to be stared at and spoken to differently, and that’s motivated her to protect those who are made fun of, to befriend the friendless, and embrace being different!



Artist extraordinaire! Sophie brings out the best when she paints, draws and uses her photography talents to create award winning photographs that have been exhibited in The Smithsonian Institute. She has a strong desire in helping others have a voice.



Thoughtful, curious, creative thinker and artist! Thomas is a talented young man who inspires to be a graphic designer while challenged with an eye condition that is degenerative. He continues to overcome challenges from his past and works hard to utilize his writing, drawing and poetry as healthy outlets that create beauty and inspires others. Keep working hard Thomas!



Enthusiastic, determined and spirited, this is Zahra. She is proud to say she is an actress and has been in several movies while still learning in the acting industry. She continues to take classes to “polish” her skills. She loves to dance, cook and enjoy her dog Koda. “Life is precious, don’t take it for granted.”

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